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Family lawyers Sydney can help you to come out from the dilemma and mental stress effectively and brilliantly tackle your legal problem. When looking for assistance, make sure the attorney should be able to understand family matters with more sensitivity and acts accordingly to deal proficiently with the family law. Why Do You Require A […]

The Family Law Act outlines the legal implications relevant to marriages and couples in a de facto relationship. While this is clear and beyond question, the challenge sometimes is ascertaining what amounts to a de facto relationship.  The Definition of a De Facto Relationship When dealing with sensitive matters such as this, it is important […]

Over the past 2 months, COVID-19 has completely upended daily life. Schools and universities have been suspended indefinitely and many employees have been laid off due to a severe crunch in resources. All of us are dealing with these unique situations in different ways; some special situations require a synergy for smooth functioning— shared parenting.  […]

As a leading Family Lawyers Sydney firm, we understand that one aspect of being a single parent that is often overlooked is what the law says about travelling overseas with your child. Even when having custody of your child, there is a legal process to be followed before you can leave the country with them. […]

A divorce can be emotionally as well as physically draining, which is why having an Experienced Family Lawyer Sydney by your side can help tremendously. When the idea of a divorce comes out of nowhere, or if one party was unaware that the marriage was ending, dealing with a divorce can be even more difficult. […]

For an efficient outcome to your divorce, please call us at Family Lawyers NSW  Australia is Divorce Capital of the world. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2017 saw 112,954 Australians get married and 49,032 get divorced. Divorce rates, like speeding on our roads, show no signs of slowing down. This has had an […]

The idea of fighting for custody of your children is not a comfortable thought. Unfortunately, when divorce is on the horizon it is something that all parents have to think about. As a father, it is common in these difficult times to ask, “What are my child custody rights and how much do they differ […]

The breakdown of any relationship is always going to be one the hardest times in your life. Whether it is your first time or your third time, it will always feel like unfamiliar and confusing territory. On top of this, you have the Family Law System to deal with which can feel equally daunting if […]

A good family lawyer is going to give you advice on how to move forward during the worst time of your relationships, keeping your situation in mind. Experienced family lawyers in Sydney will know what family law will apply to your specific situation and can guide you accordingly. When you hire a Family Lawyer in […]

Life is very unpredictable and so is marriage. While some people are lucky enough to cherish their lives in a loving relationship, others struggle every day, trying to handle family disputes in a bad marriage. Getting a divorce from your spouse is stressful both physically and emotionally as one has to consider a lot of […]