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Domestic Violence/ Apprehended Domestic Violence Orders

Our skilled family law domestic violence advocates have seen it all; we can help those who are seeking an order for their protection and those that are defending the making of an order. Our family lawyers have criminal law advocacy experience in Property agreement and Prenuptial Agreement, which is a great advantage in Apprehended Domestic Violence Order proceedings.

domestic violence

For those seeking an order your first point of call is your local police station. Often enough in domestic violence cases police commence proceedings on your behalf. At times, the police may not be willing to assist in which case you can hire one of our skilled domestic violence advocates to file an application on your behalf.

For those who have been served with an application and are after legal advice our skilled domestic violence advocates will guide you through your options and court process. We will assist you with court appearance, the preparation of the witness statements as well represent you in the final hearing.

It is important to get legal advice before attending court for Apprehended Domestic Violence Order proceedings as there may be consequences which you may not be able to foresee. For instance you may be required to surrender any lawful firearms or it may adversely your security licence.

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