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The division of the assets of the marriage is a very sensitive and delicate issue for most. Have you worked your whole life, and want to know what you will have to show for it? Have you devoted your entire life to the family and the home and are worried what will you do in the future? Or
do you simply want to know what you are entitled to?

Then it is important that you speak to a Family Lawyer who will guide you through the process of property settlement. Property settlement is the process of dividing the matrimonial asset pool between parties of a marriage. The property settlement process has varied outcomes depending on your relationship type, income, assets and liabilities.

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A breakdown of a relationship requires the distribution of the property the parties acquired and shared during the relationship.

The property needs to be carefully identified and valued so that there is a comprehensive list to form the basis for discussion. Apart from that the law requires an examination of the contributions of the parties towards the acquisition, development and maintenance of the property. The contribution can be financial or non-financial. The property can include real estate, shares, bank accounts, superannuation and businesses.

Platinum Family Lawyers Sydney are experienced in analysing and compiling the necessary information including obtaining valuations of the various items, including real estate and businesses. We recommend Real Estate Agent when you  Sell your property.

After the property is identified and valued and the contributions assessed, regard must then be had to the respective financial viability and circumstances of the parties and finally any adjustment made to ensure a fair outcome.

Platinum Family Lawyers Sydney encourage private settlement, through the use of alternative dispute resolution processes if necessary.

If agreement is reached then this can be reflected in terms of settlement filed in the court and the obtaining of consent orders which give finality to the process.

If agreement cannot be reached then our skilled litigators will see your case through the court system. Financial agreements can also be entered into at any time prior to, during or at the end of a marriage. A Financial Agreement entered into prior to a marriage is known as Pre-nuptial Agreement.
For any family law matter, contact Platinum Family Lawyers Sydney today on (02) 8084 2764.

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