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Australia is Divorce Capital of the world. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2017 saw 112,954 Australians get married and 49,032 get divorced.

Divorce rates, like speeding on our roads, show no signs of slowing down. This has had an impact on the number of people getting married.

2017 saw 5447 fewer marriages take place compared to 2018.


A divorce comes with a price tag that can be as expensive as a Maserati is

At Family Lawyers Sydney, a part of the Platinum Lawyers Sydney Group, we see a lot of divorces,

so we know what the physical, social, emotional and financial cost is. It all adds up.

Organising a divorce through a Good Lawyer costs around only $5000 per person to arrange.

If the divorce is contested, the cost can double and can easily reach $10,000 per person – depending on how complex the case is.

The real costs are seen in the physical, emotional and social well-being of the couple, however.

According to an article titled ‘How Much Does a Divorce Cost, Olivia Maragana of the Sydney Morning Herald points out the ‘overwhelming impact’ divorce has on financial futures.



What the impact of a divorce is

  • Divorced parents aged between 45 and 64 have 25 per cent fewer assets than their married counterparts.
  • Super balances for divorced mothers are 68 per cent less than married mothers, while on average a divorced mother has 37 per cent less super than a divorced father
  • Divorced fathers aged 45-64 still have 60 per cent less superannuation than married fathers five years after a marriage breakdown

Research indicates that It takes five years to recover from the financial impact of divorce, there remains a 20 per cent gap in the financial well-being of divorced and married couples even six years later.


Is the initiator of a divorce used to taking the easy way out?

As Lawyers (with over a decade of experience getting couples to listen to the law – plus each other) we are not equipped to answer this question.

However, what we can say given the rich experience we have gained from overseeing over <500> divorce agreements during our time in business

is that ‘when someone wants a divorce it is best to grant it to them immediately – without any ado’.


A process is painful only when you prolong it

And let’s face it – a divorce is as painful as a root canal is – when it’s done without anaesthesia.

There is no point in arguing about assets or responsibilities – both are stipulated by laws in Australia.


A divorce is the end of one dream – also the start of another

There are hundreds of stories we personally know about of people who’ve been divorced, who’ve gotten themselves out of marriages

they were never happy with in the first place and done exceptionally well for themselves thereafter.


Yes, a divorce will be following by a period of mourning – even moaning- but in time, we move on. We all, each and everyone one of us, do.


If you are finding it hard to get along with your partner and are considering a divorce, please contact us at Family Lawyers Sydney on 0280842764

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