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The Right Impaired Driving Lawyer Sydney Will Protect Your Rights and Interests.
Just because you have been charged with impaired driving in Sydney does not mean you should be charged. Family Lawyers are an established law firm that represents clients who have been charged with Drink Driving. Our drunk driving lawyers Sydney are experienced in the law and fighting for the right and interests of their clients and prepare gripping defences that are not ignored. Our goal in each driving impaired case is our clients’ acquittal.

Drinking and driving in Sydney is a serious offence, and the immediate hire of an experienced lawyer should be your first priority. If convicted, you will have a criminal record that will follow you for years.
Impaired driving offences are not just for driving under the influence of alcohol. They are also for driving under the influence of narcotic substances. The Australian government is strict on those who are found behind the wheel while driving impaired and the consequences are stringent.

Drink Driving Lawyers Sydney

Blood Alcohol Level

Australia Drink Driving laws consider drinking and driving an offence if the driver’s Blood Alcohol Content level is above 0.05 ml per litre of blood. If convicted punishments for DUI are fines determined by the laws of each state; but, range from AUD $550 to AUD $3K and possible jail time that can range from three to nine months or longer. The number of previous offences, level of intoxication and other actions of the convict like refusal to stop the vehicle will also be taken into consideration.

If convicted…

  • You will have a criminal record
  • Face possible jail time
  • Lose your license
  • And, other related punishments

The stigma that follows the convicted linger for years to come. You will have a criminal record, which may influence your ability to obtain employment, travel to foreign countries and other negative consequences related to your conviction. The reality becomes harsh.

Family Lawyers is aggressively fights their clients’ Drink Driving charges for the best possible outcome. Keeping your record clean is essential. Our impaired driving lawyers are experienced and work diligently to ensure our clients have the maximum chances of an acquittal.

Our Drink Driving Lawyers Sydney

Our Driving Under the Influence lawyers Sydney have specialised knowledge of the laws like Property Agrrement, Domestic Violence and we know how to fight criminal charges in a Drink Driving case. We do not stop until we have prepared a grueling defence to ensure the best chances of acquittal. We examine all the evidence, interview all the potential witnesses, and request all the evidence.

We do not improvise. We build a case that we are confident in and fight to win. Should the evidence be stacked against our client, we will take the best possible approach to have the charge reduced. Our lawyer understand the complexity of a Drink Driving charge, and the traumatic experience the individual goes through. We offer both personal and legal advice and guidance, representing our clients to the fullest.

We are the Drink Driving lawyers in Sydney who do make a difference, keeping our clients out of jail and their record clean.

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Family Lawyers team of versed drunk driving and impaired driving lawyers represent clients in Sydney NSW. Our clients are offered an initial confidential consultation to explore and examine their case and to discuss the possible approaches and outcomes.

When your future does matter, you need the experience of a good Drink Driving Lawyer. We will fight to keep you out of jail, your record clean and all charges dropped
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