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Financial Agreements / Property Consent Orders

If you have reached an agreement regarding the settlement of your property affairs then you are one of the fortunate ones who do not need to go to court. The Family Law Act provides that parties may enter into a Binding Financial Agreement without embarking on costly and stressful court proceedings. Signing a binding financial agreement or property consent orders ensures that your agreed division of your assets is legally enforceable.

financial agreement

Writing it all down on paper you and signing is more often than not insufficient, strict legal requirements apply before these documents become legally enforceable.

Speak to one of our family lawyers who will promptly prepare all the documents you need to finalise your property affairs.

If a settlement cannot be achieved outside of court, we have the knowledge and experience to provide strong litigation management and representation in the Court Process to contain costs and secure an appropriate outcome.

An added benefit for some people is the stamp duty exemption which may apply to the transfer of assets pursuant to a binding financial agreement or consent orders.

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