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Fredrick Cummings

I find Robert to be excellent to deal with, always very professional. Robert is a continued breath of fresh air. Extremely helpful.” Fredrick Cummings

Jason Stevenson

“I found the Family Lawyers & staff to be well informed & very courteous. Dealings with Platinum Lawyers was a pleasure.” Will not hesitate in recommending to others. Cheers

Garry Macarthur

‘I was charged with armed with intent to commit an indictable offence, I was in a store and saw an old acquaintance we got into a heated argument and it looked as though he was gonna pull a knife out at me. I got scared for my safety and took a knife from the shelve and pointed it at him. He then fled. The people at Platinum Lawyers took my case on and worked hard to get me the best possible result. The matter was dismissed because I was acting in self defence and the magistrate accepted it. Platinum Lawyers knew what they were doing and I was confident in them.’

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