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Platinum Family Lawyers Sydney have extensive experience dealing with the following queries from traumatised parents:

1. The other parent has failed to return my child;
2. I am worried that the other parent will remove my child from Australia;
3. The other parent has relocated and I have no idea where they are;
4. I am meant to spend time with the child but the other parent refuses to make the child available;
5. My child is gone and I am worried about their safety.
At times parents may have already contacted the local police who unfortunately may not be able to assist without a sealed court order.

Family Law Parenting Matters

If you are faced with any of the above terrifying scenarios or other any cases like De Facto Relationship or divorce matters, it is important to contact an experienced family lawyer promptly. Time is of the essence, the right documents must be prepared quickly and efficiently.

Platinum Family Lawyers Sydney will organise an urgent appointment and prepare all the necessary court documents efficiently and effectively.

Depending on the circumstances of the case our family lawyers may take any of the following action:

1. Filing and obtaining an urgent recovery order- In circumstances where a child has been removed from a parent, or a parent has failed to return a child our family lawyers will seek an urgent recovery order. Often local police will advise that they have no authority to assist until a recovery order is obtained. Essentially the court will be asked to make an order which will enable local police to physically take custody of the child and return the child. In the most serious circumstances our family lawyers have reunited parents with their children within 48 hours of being instructed;

2. Arrange for the child to be placed on the airport watch list- Once a child is removed from Australia, a parents ability to recover the child is severely restricted. There are countries where unfortunately there may be close nothing a parent can do. However, if our family lawyers are contacted early enough they can arrange to have the child placed on the airport watch list. Essentially an airport watch list ensures that a child is unable to leave any airport in Australia without being removed or a further court order. Owing the seriousness of the situation, it is possible to make such arrangements outside business hours. In the most serious circumstances our family lawyers have managed to arrange for a child to be placed on the airport watch list within 24 hours of being instructed;

3. Filing and obtaining an urgent location order At times a parent relocates interstate or simply ‘disappears off the face of the earth’ with the child. The parent may have attempted contacting the other parent, the school, the police, family and friends all to no avail. A location order essentially is an order authorising government agencies to release information to enable you to locate the parent and child. Normally the child would have enrolled in a new school or had their Centrelink details updated by the other parent, and it is this information that the location order targets. Armed with this information further family law action can be taken;

4. File an urgent contravention application- Often parents refuse to make a child available to spend time with the other parent. The courts do not look too kindly on parents who refuse to abide by existing family law orders, and it is important to bring such conduct to our family lawyers’ attention.

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