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Family Lawyers NSW are one of the most experienced lawyers in Sydney and Parramatta to handle all your confusions and troubles around parenting orders. As Family Court matters can be extremely lengthy and costly, at Family Lawyers NSW, our goal is to always find a parenting solution that suits your needs without taking the matter straight to court.

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Our aim is to minimise costs and stress to you by avoiding a distressing court experience of fighting over your child. Our lawyers at Family Lawyers NSW are equipped in dealing with these highly emotional situations and are experienced in negotiating with the other side to get what you want.

Court procedures not only a time-consuming process but also prove to have negative impacts on the child and future communications between the parents. The civil and highly advised solution is to discuss amongst yourselves and reach to a decision about future arrangements for your child(ren) after separation. This way court can be avoided.

Family Lawyers NSW can draft legally binding Parenting Consent Order which is a written agreement approved by a court. This order can cover parenting arrangements for your child along with financial arrangements such as maintenance. Parenting Consent Orders have the same legal effect as a decision made by a judicial officer after a court hearing.

Our experienced Family Lawyers have decades of experience of helping our valued clients with everything that should be included in the Parenting Consent Order. We then quickly and efficiently draft these orders to suit your needs, keeping the best interests of the child in focus. Any person concerned with the care and welfare of the child can apply for parenting orders.

Call us at (02) 8084 2764 to talk to our expert Family Lawyers and learn more about Parenting Consent Orders.

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