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At Family Lawyers Sydney, we understand the hardships our clients are experiencing. This is a time of life that is turbulent. Adjustments are being made, lives are going in a new direction, and the complexity of even simple matters can feel overwhelming. Having an experienced and compassionate lawyer who knows the law on your side is crucial. Our lawyers represent our clients with knowledge, experience and judgement in all aspects of Family Law matters.

Family Lawyers Sydney

Separation Agreements

Separation agreements outline temporary or final agreement by a couple in a separation and are legally binding. The agreement details issues, such as child custody arrangements and agreements, the settlement of property claims, financial support and the couple’s home.

Because a divorce is emotional each party should have the proper representation to ensure they are fairly awarded.


In a divorce, thinking in terms of “business” and not emotions is crucial. Your rights and interests must be protected. Family Lawyers team of Divorce Lawyers Sydney ensures their clients are fully represented and all aspects of the divorce, including child custody issues and support are fair and to their clients’ best interest.

Child Custody

Child custody can be complicated and the child’s best interest must be considered at all times. Basic issues include who will be the primary decision maker in regards to the child and where the child will reside.

Family Lawyers child custody lawyers represent client and child’s best interests.

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