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When it comes to relationships and the law – Be Proactive. Our goal in providing you with legal support is to avoid future legal disputes. We want to put you in the best position before a dispute arises. What is one thing you should consider when entering into a relationship? Prenuptial Agreements. Avoid lengthy and costly legal battles and build a solid foundation in your relationship by giving both parties added confidence and trust. Talk to one of our expert Prenuptial Agreement Lawyers in Sydney/Parramatta today to get premium legal advice.


What is a Pre-Nup?

A pre-nup/prenuptial agreement is also known in the legal world as a Binding Financial Agreement (BFA). By entering into a BFA you are protecting yourself and your partner to avoid any financial disputes that arise in the case your marriage does not work out. BFAs determine how your assets will be allocated in the event of a relationship breakdown and provide protection from future disputes. Just like any other legal document, simply writing it all down on paper and signing it is simply not enough. Our lawyers will assist you in drafting the Agreement in accordance with strict legal requirements, making your Agreement legally enforceable.

We will assist you and your spouse draft a legally binding prenuptial agreement in Sydney/Parramatta as prescribed by the Family Law Act 1975. We have extensive experience in creating agreements for couples who want to be sensible, pro-active and want their individual and shared interests legally and equally protected.

At Family Lawyers Sydney, we are highly passionate about our clients’ legal needs. Our main objective to get you the best outcomes no matter what aspect of family law services you may require. Family Lawyers NSW also have expert De Facto Relationship lawyers, specialists covering Parenting Consent Orders, and Divorce lawyers along with other services. Call us at 02 8084 2764 to talk to us about any of your family law concerns.

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