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Family Lawyers Eastern Suburbs is a team of family law attorneys who are devoted to protecting the rights and interests of their clients.  Our lawyers handle all types of family law cases including:

  • Divorce and Separation
  • De facto relationships
  • Property Settlements
  • Binding Financial Agreements and Consent Orders
  • Parenting and Care Arrangements; and
  • Urgent family law applications.

Our lawyers are supportive and advise and guide their clients to ensure they are properly supported in their Critical Time, as well as provide them with the legal representation that makes a difference in and out of the courtroom.

With Family Lawyers Campbeltown, you have the representation you need for the best possible chances of the outcome you desire.

If while reading our webpage / website and you have any questions regarding family law, please do not hesitate to call a Platinum Family Lawyer at (02) 8084 2764.

Eastern Suburbs Family Law Lawyers

Client rights must be cannot only be considered and protected; they must be practiced. Divorce and child custody and visitation cases are difficult. When you are faced with a legal battle, you need a knowledgeable, dependable and experienced family law or child custody attorney. Our Eastern Suburbs family law lawyers pursue your best interests and are the lawyers you can depend on to properly represent and guide you in and out of the courtroom in your legal battle.

Our devoted family law attorneys are familiar with all aspects of family law and Fight Aggressively in and out of the courtroom while being the compassionate ally to their client.

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For a confidential consultation with a devoted Family Law Lawyer in the Eastern Suburbs, contact Family Lawyers at (02) 8084 2764. We are the lawyers who make a difference in the outcome family law cases.

We invite you to read on, and if at any time you need to ask a question about family law, feel free to contact a Platinum Family Lawyer today (02) 8084 2764.

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