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As the wedding date gets closer on the calendar, there is a mix of nervousness and excitement in the air. Before the wedding, things can become a hassle with all the planning and arrangements. One thing you might want to consider or are considering is a prenuptial agreement, but do not know where to start.

Experts at Family Lawyers NSW are here to help you out. It should be noted that this is a realistic and pragmatic approach despite most of the soap operas showing prenuptial agreement as a sign of dying love. A Prenuptial Agreement is a good idea in case of divorce as it will end up saving a lot of stress, time and money later on. Whether you decide for or against it, it is important to discuss it with your partner so that you both know you are on the same page.

When To Get A Prenuptial Agreement?

  1.     If you have a major income difference.
  2.     If you are about to remarry.
  3.     You have your own business.
  4.     You (or your partner) have debts.
  5.     One of you plans on quitting your job to raise children.

What Is Included In A Prenuptial Agreement?

  1.     Each partner’s property details.
  2.     Details of investments, retirement plans, and savings.
  3.     Managing of expenses and other financial obligations.
  4.     The person who is going to be responsible for debts.
  5.     Property rights for children from a previous marriage.
  6.     Estate plans.
  7.     Property settlements in case of divorce.
  8.     Child support in case of divorce.

Things To Know About Prenuptial Agreement

  1.     Do not leave a prenuptial agreement to the last minute. Try and finalise the whole thing at least a month before the wedding date.
  2.     Consult Family Lawyers NSW to ensure it is fair and a plan is in place for any situations that may arise.
  3.     It should be signed by both partners, and a copy should be with each partner as well.
  4.     A good prenuptial agreement should cover situations such as marriage planning, budget management, financial duties, and many more aspects that you may not consider on your own. It is therefore wise to not make a prenuptial agreement yourself and hire experienced lawyers who can do so.

If you have decided to go for a prenuptial agreement, Family Lawyers NSW can aid you in drafting one that is suited to both partners. Our team is experienced in Family Law matters in Australia, and ensures your agreement is legally enforceable in a courtroom. Call us today at (02) 8084 2764 for your family law and prenuptial agreement concerns.


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