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A good family lawyer is going to give you advice on how to move forward during the worst time of your relationships, keeping your situation in mind. Experienced family lawyers in Sydney will know what family law will apply to your specific situation and can guide you accordingly. When you hire a Family Lawyer in […]

Life is very unpredictable and so is marriage. While some people are lucky enough to cherish their lives in a loving relationship, others struggle every day, trying to handle family disputes in a bad marriage. Getting a divorce from your spouse is stressful both physically and emotionally as one has to consider a lot of […]

When a relationship ends, the separating parties have two viable options when it comes to parenting arrangements for the child/children. These are either a Parenting Plan or a Parenting Order (also known as Consent Orders). In order to choose the best option, it is important to understand the difference between the two. What is a […]

As the wedding date gets closer on the calendar, there is a mix of nervousness and excitement in the air. Before the wedding, things can become a hassle with all the planning and arrangements. One thing you might want to consider or are considering is a prenuptial agreement, but do not know where to start. […]

A Binding Financial Agreement is a written legal agreement between two people made during or after their marriage or de facto relationship to set out how property, financial resources, and spousal maintenance will be dealt in case of separation. A BFA can be made during or after a marriage or de-facto relationship. Let’s have a […]

It is not uncommon among in today’s society to consult a family lawyer at least once in their lifetime. It is vital to know that the most important factor in a client and family lawyer relationship is open communication. Family Lawyers mostly deal with private matters of your life that have to be sorted out […]

When a relationship reaches its end, both parties need to consider arrangements for the children. Each parent discusses their ideas about what should be included in a parenting plan until it is agreed upon by both parents. It takes into consideration about how the children will be supported and taken care of. It includes things […]

The goal of a good parenting plan is that both parents should maintain a meaningful relationship with the children even after getting divorced. A special challenge is presented in preserving the relationship between children and both parents when parents live in separate homes, after divorce or separation. Parents then need to work together to find […]

It seems really crazy to think that Australian law, like many other countries, views pets as property and as mere chattels in the same way as inanimate objects, such as cars or jewellery to be divided in the event of a divorce. However, to pet owners, the family pet is a very treasured family member, […]

You are in a hurry because you are running late for an appointment. You are in a hurry because you are stuck in traffic and need to speed up to recover the missing time. You can have any reason to drive over the limit. And let’s face it, everyone, every now and then, has driven […]