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A family lawyer deals with cases related to domestic relationships and issues caused within a family. The most common issue that family law practices is divorce and problems like child custody. However, there are other categories a family lawyer deals with. We’ll discuss some of them here so that you are better informed as to when you should hire a family lawyer.
Family lawyers are necessary for most people at some point in their lives. But what circumstances warrant you to hire them? Let’s have a look.


A lesser-known category of Family Lawyers – they also deal with Guardianship. Guardianship is when the court orders someone separate from the child’s parents to have custody of the child or be in charge of their property. It is different from an adoption. In a guardianship, parents still have parental rights. A family lawyer is required to petition a court to establish guardianship.

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Some people opt for a civil annulment instead of a divorce. A “decree of nullity” means declaring the marriage as void or null, non-existent. A marriage can be annulled when the law does not recognise it as valid. A family lawyer can help dealing with legal aid in such cases. However, a family lawyer cannot help with religious procedures.

Family Dispute Resolution:

This is often also called “mediation”. It is a process of negotiation in cases of divorce or separation. It helps both parties reach agreements in the best interests of their children. It deals with things like child support and care or financial settlements. FDR is compulsory, except for cases where domestic violence or child abuse is involved. A family lawyer offers assistance in being an impartial third party to resolve Family Disputes. For a parenting order, family lawyers can also assist you in obtaining a Family Dispute Resolution Certificate.

Family Violence Orders in Sydney:

These orders (as well as an interim order) are for protecting a person from any violence in family. Violence may include threats or property damage. In different states, they are known by different names, such as Apprehended Domestic Violence Order for NSW. Child protection order is different from an FVO. Family lawyers can make the process of applying for a FVO easier on you. They can initiate the action on your behalf. If you want to extend your FVO to your child, a family lawyer can aid you by taking care of the legalities involved.
We understand that family problems and crisis as such are difficult to go through. Many people are not in the right state of mind to deal with all the aspects, so we offer help by providing professional, understanding and experienced family lawyers who keep your best interests at heart. Call Family Lawyers NSW at (02) 8084 2764 for more information on hiring family lawyers in Sydney.

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